Let Fans Decide Their Experience

More than just a link shortener.
Generate sales from real-time social data.

  • The World’s First Marketing OS for Music

  • Tag, segment, and retarget listeners across the web within milliseconds.
  • Allow artists to aggregate and utilize first-party data from social media.
  • Use demographical, device, interest, and behavioural data to enhance advertising efforts.
  • Establish a Brand

  • Increase clicks, and shares by 30% when distributing a branded and trusted vanity link to fans.
  • Brand your content, messaging, and cross-channel campaigns with custom keywords with your short URL.
  • Use link-data to find those users on the web across display, mobile, social, search, and native channels.
  • Tracking & Analytics

  • Construct and export insightful reports behind link-clicks and shares.
  • See real-time link metrics, discover your audience, and capture leads.
  • Understand what makes your audience click, see what’s trending, and what fans are listening to.

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